Special Events Director 

Since June of 2017 I’ve planned the ASUO Street Faire in the heart of campus at the University of Oregon. It’s the number 1 fundraiser that the student government uses to fund literally every single club on campus, no pressure. I’ve planned 4 successful events, combined all marketing materials, implemented a (semi) successful beer garden, donated proceeds to help fund our 1st ever Food Insecurity campaign, and brought in a combined $46,000 to the ASUO. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

This bi-annual event is 3 days and includes both food and craft vendors. It’s a juggling act really. I, with the help of a small team, do all design, marketing, social media, planning, map construction, dealing with the City of Eugene, some paperwork, permits, partner with the Fire Marshall, and finally, making sure my vendors are happy. However, this is a long standing tradition at the U of O. Ask any student “what the Street Faire is” and they’ll tell you. It’s so much work, but so gratifying in the end.

Below are photos from the event and overall how my past 4 Street Faire’s have gone!