Social Media, Promotions, Stadium Operations Intern

I spent January to August of 2018 working for a summer league baseball team. As the Social Media Lead & Media Promotions intern for the Corvallis Knights, I used social media to develop tangible promotions and engage with fans. I added a 15% increase to our following and implemented interactive story highlights for our fan base. I learned how to communicate with a specific season-ticket holder audience to understand how our marketing and sponsorship deals could intertwine cohesively during in-game promotional events. On the stadium operations side, I dealt with behind-the-scenes of Goss Stadium. I was a liaison for umpires and other game day staff to make sure that the beginning events of the game (i.e starting lineups, first pitch, National anthem singer) went smoothly.

Below are some social media posts/captions that I posted and an overall understanding of the internship!