Kacie Van Stiphout

Okay, let’s face it. I ALWAYS have my phone; don’t we all? I don’t document everything, but I try to get snapshots of the good parts of life. They’re guaranteed for a smile when scrolling through my camera feed.

My “Women in Sports” project I did while attending the University of Oregon

This was my very first video I filmed, edited and curated during my sophomore year. It’s not flawless, but I’m proud that I started here and I’ve only gotten better.

It’s still a reminder in my portfolio of where I started and how curious I am to always be better.

Despite playing on a field covered in liter, the University of Oregon women’s rugby team overcomes the obstacles of Keystone Light cans and societal stereotypes of female rugby players. Even with all of that stacked against them, the team finishes their season with a winning record. This audio story unleashed my love for podcasts and radio broadcasting.